Short Thoughts

One Way To Navigate Uncertainties

Here’s a piece of advice to guide you amidst the cruellest type of uncertainties. “When you are confronted with choices amidst uncertainties, say yes to as many options as you can. Since you are uncertain, what you should be optimizing for is regret minimisation, not efficiency optimization. And minimising regrets comes with knowing that you […]

Short Thoughts

Effective Leadership

Leadership has always been dear to my heart. Can’t remember how that grew but I know it has always been there. The first attempt I made at bringing people together far back in the University was when I created a group on Leadership. It was after I have taken a course on edX on Inclusive […]


On Crypto, This Time Is Different

When the crypto market started plummeting earlier this year, I and together with a host of others (I believe) thought that it was just one of those short-term market pullbacks. In fact, I remember vividly how the laser-eyed team of Bitcoin ran pools to ask if people still believe we will see Bitcoin at $100k. […]