We Should All Become A “Victim Of Exposure”

I have had conversations with several people looking for a job, looking to make a career change, looking to make the next pivot in their life and many more of the similar divide, one thing is common to the majority – they do not know what to do.

Victim of Exposure (VoE)

What does it mean to become a victim of exposure? I coined this word a couple of months ago while reminiscing on some significant events of my life, juxtaposing this with the what I’ve seen in other people’s life. I realized that if only the majority I referred to earlier had before the present expose themselves to information, moving on to the next stage of their life wouldn’t be a problem.

To become a victim of exposure then means exposing yourself to as much information as possible on a continuum, whether you consider such information useful to you now or not.

Important to note from that definition is whether you consider the information useful for you or not at a point in time is of irrelevance, becoming a VoE requires that you sap in all forms of information available to you per time.

How will you benefit from becoming a Victim of Exposure?

Those who have become VoE are those who have an unbounded mind. Having unbounded mind mean when it’s time for you to make a decision, you have a lot in your mind to consider before concluding. To illustrate, take a recent graduate who studied English, if such is not a VoE, such will be limited regarding career options. If as English graduate the only career choice that comes to mind upon graduation is becoming an English teacher/lecturer, then you need to quickly thread the part to becoming a VoE.

In simple terms then, what being a VoE does for you is to expose your mind by the mirage of information you have fed it and help you to make informed decisions when the need comes.

How can you become a Victim of Exposure?

This is the easiest question with a simple answer. As simple as the answer is though, it may be tough to implement.

The simple answer is that you should continually feed your mind with quality information. Be wary of garbages.

Go now and become a victim of exposure.

LinkedIn Summary

Accumulation of capability construct

That is a term I learnt from Ndubuisi Ekekwe.

Basically, it’s about the compounding effect your effort to become a better version of you can yield if you weary not.

While it is easy to see how the accumulation of capabilities plays out for a corporate body, it may not be so obvious for individuals.

A corporate body can recruit the best of the best, can invest in the best asset, can pull the most innovative marketing stunt and can iterate through innovation at scale.

For this construct to work for an individual, the best way I’ve come across is the accumulation of knowledge. Knowledge accumulates and compounds, even when it seems not to. And the effect of compounded knowledge is what we see play out in those with compelling views on different topics.

As you journey on, I urge you to consider knowledge as an ad-on worth possessing.

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