3 Lessons I learned From Lucky Dube

My friends, neighbours and family all know I’m a Lucky Dube fan. When I’m feeling bored and unmotivated, my girlfriend will often say “will you listen to Lucky Dube?” That’s how much I am recognized with the music.

I enjoyed a lot of things about Lucky Dube music but principally, it’s always about the lyrics for me. So braise up this is a short article to highlight 3 timeless lessons I’ve learnt from all these years of listening to him.

Don’t burn the bridge behind you

We will get to a lot of crossroads in life where burning the bridge we just crossed will be the reasonable action to take. When you get there, better to leave the bridge and walk away than burning it down. There are ramifications to our actions and it’s important to consider them.

Sometimes, you can’t do anything

When he sang “Is This The Way”, he lamented a lot about seeing some men every day at the corner Of Queens and Commissioner begging for a dollar every day, he cried to God in this lyrics 

Oh my God, oh my God

What we gonna do in this world

In this world we live in?

But as the song was coming to an end you would think he’s gotten a solution but he ended it with merely a question. Just where he started from.

What did I do to deserve this?

Begging for a dime every day

Trying to make a living out there.

Many times, that’s the reality of life. We are helpless. But we must ask the questions and make the attempts.

You can use your “Art” as an instrument of good

By Art, I mean the work of your hand. Whatever it is your hands find to do, you can use as a force for good on this green planet. That’s the lesson from this South African singer who through the power of his music spoke to the heart of government oppression, white supremacy and gave the people a voice. Importantly for me as well was that he promoted the virtue of education as a viable way out of suffering. 

Here are 3 of my favourite

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