Short Thoughts

Wining 40% > Winning 100%

Let me share something I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk (Vee) that I can’t seem to get off my head with you.

Never go about life aiming to win 10 of 10 attempts.

Rather, go about life to win 40 of 100 attempts. The secret here is more attempts, more shots, more iteration.

The former person is someone that sees failure in life’s journey as a bug. The latter embrace failure as part of the journey.

Over-optimization against failure is a futile attempt that keeps your back to the ground and perpetuates you in your comfort zone of zero growth.

Failure isn’t fun nor is it something to start looking around for. However, if you look for success well enough, failure is equally guaranteed to find you. Embrace such failure that you find on your way to success. They are good.