Hello, I am David Alade.


I am a student of life, a deliberate learner and a firm believer that “if we commit ourselves to reading and therefore increasing in knowledge, only God can limit how far we can go in life.”


I have a life’s creed; to be the definition of what’s humanly possible if one is committed to the pursuit of knowledge.

I work as a Data Scientist (Business Intelligence specialization) within the hour of 9-5.


Outside of that, I work to educate millennials and young professionals on the art of wealth. I am doing this just as I am building my own wealth as well. You can read my articles here. Keep in touch with my blog as I will soon release my e-book on “Beginners Guide To Investing.


I also write a weekly newsletter called mind without boundary. In it I bring you the best of what I wrote in the week and the best of what I read or listened to in the week as well. It’s called mind without boundary because lessons range from psychology to philosophy and from history to finance. Anything that helps you navigate life better.


I also work with technology startups on projects or other per time. I’ve done Angel Investing in startups and provide services to some when the need calls for it.


This website is meant to house all my thoughts on different topics.


You can connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Via Email.


I like to meet new people doing interesting stuff. I also like to be value to people that I meet, I hope to be value to you when we connect.