7 Attitude That’s Keeping You Poor

If you ask anybody, both the young and old whether they like to be rich, you will likely have all yes as an answer. But if you continue to ask how and when they want it, the majority will not be able to answer precisely. Riches like every other good thing in life has ways to attract and retain them. As we all know that anything that we can attract can also be dispelled. There are so many ways people refuse to be rich unknowingly, even though we all claim wanting to be rich.

The following are seven ways in which you might have been chasing riches from your abode.

Sense Of Entitlement

One of the major reasons why some people are poor in this part of the world is that they often rely on their relatives for success. Coming from a wealthy family can make someone rich faster and it helps to have family members that can provide you with some initial capital. But when you rely so much on them and the help is not forthcoming you might find it difficult to be rich. I must add that people are entitled to their own money and deserve to spend it as they wish.

When one has it at the back of his/her mind that his relative owes him/her nothing, he/she will be prepared and ready to face the hurdle in the race of getting rich. You will be ready for the hard and smart works that are involved in getting rich.

Poverty Mindset

Everything starts from the mind. The Bible says as a man thinks so is he. For you to be rich you must have the right mindset, good attitude. One must know that money is not the root of evil but the love of it. Money solves problems and creates comforts, the more money you have, the more the problems you can solve.

You need money to live a fulfilled life and to help others. And you have to have the money first, even to propagate religion you need money. Money answereth all things, money makes the world revolve, there is no pride in poverty, and money begets respect and fame.

Fear Of Failure And Risk

A lot of people are poor today because of their inability to take risks. Those who are rich are risk-takers. Rich people are known for their bravery and optimism. Many people failed to do what is required of them to change their misfortune and thereby remain poor. No risk no gain they say, whether its education, business, project the process remain the same: risk-taking.

Failure is the hallmark of success, without failure, there would be no great success – David W, Anderson.

Failure helps us understand ourselves, identify our strength and weakness. Rich people have some moments of failure but also have a great record of success to show for it. Show me a man that hasn’t failed, I will show you a man that hasn’t tried anything.


Money is a way to exchange value. And values are created through hard and smart work. There is nothing like overnight success or shortcut.

Whoever wants to be rich must be ready for brave thinking and hard work. The fastest way to earn money is by solving people’s problems and creating value not by looking for money itself.

When one spends another earns, so focus on creating value, then money will flow in. If you don’t lose sleep for money, you will lose sleep because of money. Whether legit or not, acquiring money always involves hard and smart work. Whoever is not ready to work very hard and smart is not ready to be rich, simply.


Rich people are known for their generosity. They are people that always want to help people, raise and make life comfortable for people.

They rise by lifting people. They are never afraid of poverty. They get more by spending and helping others. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg to our own Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu e.t.c. are the highest donors to various foundations, some of them even have their foundation.

They are frugal but not stingy. They are not afraid that people will finish their money. Whoever has this attitude can never grow his business; they are frugal in their business and lifestyle but always hungry for more success to do more for people and society at large.

They know that money is exchanged for value, so they create more value to get more money. They don’t engage in a quick-money-scheme, they don’t believe in the game of luck.

Attitude Towards Rich People

One will wonder whether there is someone that will refuse to be rich. One will refuse to be rich when one refuses to do what’s required of him to do to be rich.

When you have rich people and despise their habits, then you are refusing to be rich. Money comes to those who love it.

You can’t increase in what you distaste –Pastor Ashimolowo.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi said he became rich when he started liking those who are already rich, unlike when he saw them as fraud or immoral people.

Remember you tap light from the light. When you disgust those already rich, then you may find it difficult to find your riches.

Living Beyond Your Means

One of the fastest ways to be rich is to live below. One of the major reasons people are poor today is that they live above their means, not even within.

As much as it’s good to live a good life or enjoy life, we should be careful not to do this at the detriment of our future or investment. Rich people are known for living below their means, this allows them to invest more and hereby increase their net worth. The keyword here is a delay of gratification, delay today enjoyment for future gain.

Rich people are known for saving and investing attitude while poor people always want to immediately enjoy and thereby sacrifice the future enjoyment and continue to wallop in abject poverty.

 Rich people always spend below what they earned, they always do whatever it takes to earn more and live below means.

Bring It All Together

People get rich by following certain steps, certain attitudes and lifestyles to create value and thereby attract wealth. I’ve highlighted 7 of those things for you.

Which of these do you think you have that is hindering your progress?

Which of one these do you want to drop today? Put your comment below to share your thought on this.