7 Cheats Code I’ve Used To Lead An Extraordinary Life

If you are young, let me give you 7 cheat codes about life that I have been using to lead a smarter life.

  • First is to learn on your own

The common theme is to encourage people to ask questions. But for me a lot of my deep learning have emerged because I refrain from asking questions.

Instead of asking a question, I go down the deep of finding answers from the Internet myself. While doing that, I read both relevant and irrelevant things.

Here’s what I learnt along the way…

The irrelevant things are only irrelevant to what my question was not to life or other ventures in life. Not asking people but the internet my questions has been nothing but an adventure I will take again and again.

Do I still ask people questions? Absolutely, yes. I like the feeling of having to refer to someone as being my answer provider. But beyond that, human brings a different flare to my question and take care of nuances that general online answers may not take of

In the end I combine my rabbit hole internet adventure with that of human answers that tend to take off nuances. That my friend is what gave birth to me.

  • You have time to make mistakes. Make them. You have time to fail. Fail forward

Those two things will add up to become stories that society will pay you later on to hear you narrate it. 

  • Don’t go asking for permission before you go on about your life and take your bets

All permissions are granted based on the authority that the person giving it has. Many times no one has the authority to give you a go ahead but you. If you fail, it’s a feature in life not a bug.

  • Just learn as many things as you can. As in JUST LEARN

I often say “follow the impulses of your heart and if anything looks good to you, do it.” Never give up on learning. 

  • Just be you and Do you

Please don’t copy anyone. Find your uniqueness and you will be rewarded abundantly for it. 

  • Stop worrying about what someone or somebody is thinking about you

It won’t add to you or remove from you. That’s the truth. The “true you” can only be discovered once you break free of what others think of you. No matter what you do, they will always think something and that’s out of your control.

Why will you spend your whole life focusing on what you can’t control. Just pursue excellence in all that you do. That’s all you owe yourself and the world. 

  • Please always think beyond today and more about tomorrow

Be a long term oriented individual who plays the infinite game and considers the second order effect of a lot of her/his decisions. 

I am young just as you and those are the 7 things I’ve been focusing on.

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