Short Thoughts

Don’t store things in your brain

Nearly everyone has an interesting idea in their head. And we willl all like it better if we can generate more ideas, develop more solutions and become more creative.

The path to that however, usually involves freeing up the brain’s capacity to operate at an optimum level. But not everyone is ready to do the simple task of freeing up the brain.

The brain is a great tool for creativity and creation. But a very bad tool for storing. Unfortunately, we all tend to want to use it for both. And since storing tends to take more capacity, it prioritizes storing over creation. Hence, we generate lesser ideas, solutions and create lesser things.

The ONLY way to free up the brain’s capacity is to write things down compulsively. And as my friend, Ephraim said metaphorically, a simple jotting down your to-do list can free up to terabytes of capacity from the brain. Now imagine what capacity you can have if you don’t have to use your brain for storage at all.

I wonder if this also explains why the invention of writing was at the forefront of human creations and advancement.

Write down more things.