God Is A Scientist And He Wants You To Be One As Well. Hear Me Out

I believe knowledge and understanding is leverage for anyone who has it. I tend to think about a lot of things at different times. My last week’s newsletter made this clear as well.

For about 3 days on a roll, I’ve been thinking about the idea of God as a scientist. The truth is that this hypothesis has been in my head for more than 2 years.

This tweet from 2018 reminded me of where it all started from

Now I have a developing idea to share with you. It’s interesting so please read it to the end.

You were created to be a scientist

God gave 3 instructions when he created man: multiply, replenish and SUBDUE the earth.

The instruction to subdue had to be broken down more to mean dominate.

(The process of) science is the only way in which man has been able to fulfil the instruction to dominate.

With science we have dominated the earth, we went on the moon and we will soon be landing men on Mars.

With science, you are reading this. With science, you fulfil your purpose.

The science here is more of a scientific process than chemistry and biology.

Scientific process birthed the double entry principle in Accounting. With science, we learn to understand humans and the understanding of human behaviour has informed our politics.

Science is a way of thinking.

Its foundation is doubt, not dogmatism.

Its building block is curiosity.

Its oil and grease is imagination.

In fact, the wise King Solomon would later say in Proverbs, “if you are curious about anything, pursue it.”

Because that’s the only way in which you can unleash what’s hidden in you and what you are capable of. It’s a God-like attribute.

God-like attribute because I believe it is the same curiosity that led God to say “hey Trinity, come. What do you think about making something called man? And we will have to make the man in our image”

He wanted to see the extent to which something similar to him can go in terms of their ability to dominate and subdue. In terms of bringing existence out of no-life. 

So in His master plan, he hid electricity in the wind, some in water and some nuclear rubies.

He hid furniture in the tree, but he also had a paper in the same tree.

He hid clothing in the wool but some were also hidden in the animal skin.

But all these we can only find out and discover through the scientific process of doubt, curiosity and experimentation.

You see, the same King Solomon would later reveal to us in Proverbs 25:2 that it is God’s glory to hide things, but it is man’s glory to discover the hidden things.

It’s like a game between both God and man. God hid a lot of things, and man is meant to search those things out.

We’ve searched out a lot already and we are just getting started. Because God Himself will be like “man, you’ve not scratched the surface of what I hid on this planet”.

God is a scientist himself

Out of nothing at creation, he made something, by the words of his mouth of course. But so have we also brought a lot to existence by the words of our mouth.

Right from the contemplations of Aristotle about the substance of the universe to the landing on the moon and next to the colonisation of Mars.

All of God’s creation is scientific.

That’s why science can search it out.

If we are yet to search it out it’s because we are yet to, period. It’s not because science can’t explain it.

And I know with time, we will. See how far we’ve come, we will go further.

What are the ramifications of that new understanding?

The ramifications of accepting God as a scientist and yourself as one is a lot (in my mind I know some).

  1. When scientists talk about the Big Bang theory, I see God saying “let there be”. Between the period of “let there be” and when there was, our explanation for what happened is what we call the big bang (for now).

We will know more.

  1. Very few if any of us, will find absolute peace and happiness until we are involved in a creative process. The art of bringing new things into existence. Practising science.

9-5 is usually boring because routines tend to be much. But when you are unleashed to call into existence those things erstwhile which were not, you feel you are YOU again and won’t mind the long hours of work. That’s just you being in your natural state.

I challenge you to do something creative, I challenge you to be scientific and bring new things into life which were not before you.

You’d feel more peace and a sense of purpose than any other thing you may be involved in.

I know what it feels like to write, to create (this blog), and many more I’ve done. Most importantly, when you have a child it is a different feeling and satisfaction entirely. We are scientists deep within us. That thing that yearns to be part of something bigger than us is the scientist within us begging to be unleashed.

Just to emphasize again, science here doesn’t mean biology or computer science nor does it connote astronomy. Rather, it’s the creative process in us that yearns to bring to existence that which was not, to search out what has been hidden by God.

One of my ways of doing this is by writing. Everything that I write didn’t exist until I wrote them. I brought them into existence. And you know what, they’ve made many more lives better.

You need to search for your way. What works for only you. And from which you get peace and happiness.

More so, it doesn’t have to be one thing. God created a lot and we can search things out from a lot of places. And also get that deep peace and happiness from numerous places. One of such as I’ve mentioned before is birthing a child.  

2 thoughts on “God Is A Scientist And He Wants You To Be One As Well. Hear Me Out

  1. I honor this piece of God’s greatness and supremacy and I’m happy I digested the content of every line in it hence why I’m drafting my distress about the extent man should go with God’s gift of creativity in him as mentioned in the first bullet under “What are the ramifications of that new understanding?”.

    It is wise and depicts a great measure of wisdom to reference God in anyway man can including honoring his majesty, supremacy, creativity, scientism and every how and also great that man could explore this gift of creativity that God has given him because we have been created in his likeness so we sure shouldn’t be amazed of the source of our innovative and creative ideas. God has made them all but the bone of my contention and basis of my disagreement is when man begins to research into God’s existence and the extent of his greatness which brought about this whole phenomenum of the big bang theory as stated in that session of this beautiful piece.

    God is to be honored without challenging the wisdom of which he is and of which he has created the whole universe with. An absolute understanding of God’s supremacy and all is giving his word great reference and preeminience in all we do in the sense that God has revealed basically how he has ceated all we can see which was the first thing he has included in his holy book just because he knew that man will dig into where they don’t and shouldn’t have business in, yet the Adamic ones amongst us still want to neglect this portion of the scripture as in Genesis 1, which even came first and still dig into what they can’t have a fact about.

    God’s supremacy is scattered all over the scripture if we still read with humility to be thought by him and not just to see literary back ups to theory/ hypothesis that we want to establish. In Isaiah 55 : 8-9 (For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.). In Isaiah 40 : 28 (Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.).

    So the scriptural point that I’m driving is that we have been created of God and given all the abilities we can boast of today but shouldn’t be carried away by the greatness of him through us and become regardless of his supremacy. It was God who created Lucifer with all the precious stones and abilities that made him puffed up and disregard God’s supremacy over him hence why he was cast out of heaven and became what he is today. What about man when they disregard God? Heaven and Hell is real and will definitely be the terminal of our race on earth.

    Now we are creative and can innovate anything within our ability but with absolute reference to God who has given us those abilities and not to challenge God’s supremacy or existence with the work of his own hands (we humans). At least from innovations and inventions, If you happen to be the author of what everyone use, you still are the best engineer to take glory for it, fix it when it’s faulty, and even answer discovery questions pertaining to that. That is how it is with us and God, this acknowledgment of God’s supremacy extends to divine healing and all sectors of our lives…

    So we can explore God’s good gift in us without trying to go extra mile beyond what will honor him.

    Thank You for reading. God bless you.

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