Short Thoughts

It’s tough letting go of the future but you have to let go

This is a personal story. But I have also spoken to a lot of people enough to know I’m not alone in the boat. That’s why I’m sharing my personal story. To help at least one person out there.

When I joined PwC a few years ago, it was only a matter of time before I started wondering about what the future holds for me. I worried a lot that it affected my mental health and ability to focus at work.

My worry was about where I will work when I leave PwC? What role will I have? How much will I earn? What skills do I need to develop ahead of time for that role? And many more of sorts.

When I finally left, not one of the ideas I had in mind played out. I grossly underrated the universe of possibility before me. What mattered in the end and what made the difference was doing a great job where I was then and then. Focusing on doing the best job possible. That was what got me an offer in the UK from Nigeria, not all the worries I had leading up to that time.

I used to worry about how to have a great network in the future. All the worry also didn’t matter and I doubt they would ever matter. So far, what has mattered has been focusing on the moment. Being as helpful to as many as I could.

I used to think about how I would get a beautiful wife. The one with whom I will be aligned with and we can journey this world together. On that as well, not one of those worries of the future mattered. Being in the moment and making the most of it was more important.

I used to worry about finances. About events that are even yet to arrive. But a time came when I needed to finance a project. One way or another I crossed the bridge.

It’s incredibly tough to let go of the future. But we have to let go of it. Just as yesterday took care of itself. Tomorrow will take care of itself as well. Today is our only responsibility. Take care of today. Make the most of it. That’s what can ensure that the dreams of the future will come true. Not one inch of the worries for the future counts.