Short Thoughts

Permission or Forgiveness?

Permission sounds good and the rhetoric behind it, plus the idea of perception management in a given environment may push you to favour permission above forgiveness.

Permission says, get their opinion before you break the rule to follow your passion.

Forgiveness says, break the rules, and if need be, in the end, ask for permission.

When it comes to following your passion and what’s best for you, I beg you to seek forgiveness and not permission.

Forgiveness offers an unbounded and an unconstrained environment for your experimentation. It frees you to follow your rules, divine new rules and do what you think to be the best way forward.

Forgiveness doesn’t seek validation, rather differentiation and passion. It tells you I am possible, I can be tried.

The problem with permission is that it exists in a constrained environment. You can only be granted permission within a limit, more often than not, the limit of authority possessed by the one granting such permission. When you have to choose between permission and forgiveness within this context, choose forgiveness.