Short Thoughts

Unlimited Choice Leads To No Commitment

The first time I heard about this idea was from a Ted talk titled “the paradox of choice“. Over the years, I’ve observed the idea to be not only true but also permeating.

I’ve been meaning to work on a project now but not even started it let alone complete it. Why? Because I have different options as to which direction to take. 

And guess what? Instead of picking a direction, I am evaluating which direction will offer a perfect result. And one month is gone, yet, not a start nor a completion. 

On the contrary, if my choice was one, as a minimum, I would have started. That is even if it is not completed yet.

We all go through this. And the only way around it is to build the restrictions in our life and plans. Even if they are not there by default. Restrictions are good. Unlimited choice leads to no commitment.