Why I Write

I think the real title should be a few reasons why I write. But don’t worry about that, let’s just get into this.

  1. I write primarily because something lingers in my mind and craves expression. I don’t often have the right words before I start to write that usually comes as I face the blank sheet. But the idea is usually there and they linger on my mind enough for me to say I would write about them.
  2. I write to be in the face of my network. I put a lot of value in the network that I have built and that I have around me. Writing is one of the easiest ways for me to stay in touch. I can’t all nor can I even “know” all. However, whenever I write and my writing gets to their notice, they are reminded of me and it gives them the impression that they are still in contact with me and in truth they are. Occasionally, they like my post and often add a comment. In such instances, I confirm that they are still with me and I can also reply to them in the case of a comment. In most cases, that is usually enough to keep in contact with my network.
  3. I write to expand my network. When. I was in Lagos, it’s commonplace for me to enter a place for the first time and I would find a few who would say “Oh, you are ‘the’ David Alade”. One day in London someone also said that. And they spoke with me as if they knew me already and indeed, they do. More than anything else in my life, writing has helped me the most to build my network. And as I mentioned above, it has also been my instrument to keep in contact. 
  4. I write because I hope people find what I write about useful. I have been immensely helped by the writing of others. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I’d not read some things. And since I have the ability and wherewithal to write, it places a responsibility on me to write as well. And I’m immensely grateful for the number of people that my writing has helped as well. 

I considered writing this article imperative because, by my definition of writing, I’ve taken a break from writing in a while. And as I claw back out of my shell, I find myself genuinely asking the question “Why do you write?” Also, in the past week, I’ve shared my number 2 reason with people and I’d not realised it was one of my reasons until I did. 

Here is the thing, I think I might keep this page alive on my blog and keep on updating it as I settle on more reasons why I write. For now, those are the 4 that I would like to highlight.