The Kind of Things I Write About

I took a break from writing partly because I wanted to think more about the kind of things that I write. If you go through my articles, you would notice that they are mostly about life. I write about experiences, what we can learn from them and how we can have the best of them within a constraint. When I thought about it though, I thought I should be writing something more technical that probably borders with my field of work or something else that interests me. And rightly so, if I could. 

This consideration added to the reason why I’ve paused writing here for a while. Now, I’ve decided to come back. 

I’ve come back to return to the original idea about writing that I had. Writing even if it is useful for at least one person. 

What I anticipated was that writing something more technical would enhance my career and probably present me as an authority on any subject I chose to write about. Again, rightly so… but to what end? I can’t do all things exclusively for the sake of “enhancing my career” whatsoever that means. I should be able to do some things because I enjoy doing them no matter the kind of benefits or lack of one that comes with it. 

One of the things that helped me reach this conclusion was also that as I reflected on what has helped me the most in a way that matters the most, it was by reading not those technical things but by reading the kind of things that I write about myself. And that’s also how I’ve managed to help people the most. Yes, that matters to me I want things that I write about to be useful to at least one person. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve referenced Dale Carnegie’s book more than I’ve referenced Michael Webber’s (yea, you probably don’t know who that is) book. And I’ve referenced the article Don’t be a Donkey more times than I’ve referenced Architecting Data-Intensive SaaS Applications. Why is that? Because I find that most were more helpful to me and it could be for others generally also.

It’s not to say I won’t write things that I considered career accelerators. Rather say one form of writing won’t stop me from writing again. Anything that ensures the best experience for me, I do. Just like this one. I hope just one person at least finds this helpful.