How To Get Involved In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a religion. But before we discuss that, let’s talk about the religion of fiat.

When we were given birth to, we automatically entered into some contract that we cannot by design reverse. You cannot reverse which family you were part of, nor can you change your country of origin and the list goes on. Relevant to this discussion is the contract of money that you are part of.

Money is a belief system that we all agreed to from birth. A belief that you cannot speak against because it will seldom even cross your mind to do so until death. I never questioned the belief until Bitcoin and I’m sure you have most likely not considered what makes money a “money” as well.

Speaking against it is bound to immediately attract the label of fraud or delusional. In fact, speaking against any prevalent system of money without the presence of an alternative may be seen as being mad. That’s how religion operates. You are in or out, there’s no middle ground. And when you are in, you can’t say a word against it. When you are out, you are alone and you are labelled.

The reality is that any form of money is a religion. Otherwise, it won’t be money. Money has to be a religion before it can be money. Everyone has to believe it or it’s worth it. Everyone has to be a security guard of the principles, otherwise, it’s not money. Everyone has been its authenticator, otherwise, it’s not money.

That brings me to the religion of Bitcoin. It’s emerging, forming principles, making converts and building from the ground up. We have different people saying this is what it is and this is what it is not. It reminds me of Jesus’ story in Matthew chapter 16 when he was wondering what people think He is. A lot of different answers came in before the truth was revealed through Peter.

When a new religion is forming, it is only normal that different believers have different definitions of what the tents of that religion are. Ultimately, time will reveal and in the case of Bitcoin, the forces of demand and supply plus regulation will determine.

Note: this does not in any way try to equate Jesus with bitcoin. No. I am just trying to help you understand the parallel of religion and how they develop.

In the intervening period, just like Jesus had apostles and followers who served different purposes, Bitcoin will also only achieve its purpose with every believer playing their part.

So here are several ways you can be part of that religion.

  • Convert a path of your fiat to bitcoin – this is the easiest way to participate in the new religion of bitcoin. Doing so would mean you are showing how interested you are in exploring the new religion despite the old religion of fiat. Converting a part of fiat would also help expand the size of the network. Bitcoin thrives on network effect which means the utility of the network increases with every additional user. 
  • Be curious – curiosity is an underrated way to participate in the new religion. The reason why a lot of people are still taken aback in participating is that they do not understand the least about bitcoin. With your curiosity, you would get more knowledge and if you are asked the reason for your faith, you would have a basis of standing. People in the days of Jesus got Him wrong because they wouldn’t apply their heart to understanding.
  • Be an evangelist  – talk about it, write about it, make a new convert of it. As I said earlier bitcoin feeds on network effects just as all forms of money that we developed as humans. Becoming an evangelist would mean you are helping the network to achieve its aim faster.
  • Share ideas about the ramifications of bitcoin – when you imagine a utopia, it’s common for the society to dismiss you as being a dreamer. However, assuming the utopia, thinking about it and sharing it helps humanity to know what the edge is. And knowing the edge helps us determine and prepare for what may be on the side of the edge. Yet, if it’s not possible to reach the edge, then we are aware of our limitations which in itself is a good thing as well. So things like what if the world is indeed powered by Bitcoin, what would such a world look like? What monetary policy would we settle on and how are we going to innovate in a deflationary economy? Think about ramifications and share your ideas.
  • Know the history of money – fiat is new, we have not always used fiat as a medium of exchange. Study history to know where we are, where we are coming from and where the journey could lead us.
  • Work for a company democratizing access to it – if you have the opportunity and you are persuaded, why not. Take up the opportunity.
  • In short, do all things that can be seen as an activity that furthers the acceptance of the new religion.