Optimize For Advantages

Things that exposes you to unfair advantages

I am fond of saying,

Optimize for advantages.

Ensure those advantages are such that can compound.

Optimize obsessively for such advantages. And

Your advantage is best if it is domain agnostics.

So here’s what I mean by all of that.

Advantages are things that you acquire, develop or have that are specific to you and can be leveraged for other things.

A good example is what Rihana is doing with Fenty Skin. Her advantages: loyal fan base & audience.

She optimized for those things since a long time ago and while it might not have been with the intention of Fenty Skin, Fenty Skin was still born out of it.

That’s why I said advantages are best when they are domain agnostics.

Advantages must also be things that compound.

It makes no sense if Rihanna have to look for audience again and again or loyal fan base again and again.

The loyal fans she now are her army they will convert others to her tribe – she need not work to get those again.

It’s like your interest earning interest for itself as well.

Also, her audience will keep spreading her work enough for her audience to keep increasing. 

Advantages must be such that compound.

The implication of course is that if tomorrow, she opens a clothing line, or shoe line or podcast series or any other thing that her advantages can be leveraged for, she will only need minimal effort compared to those who don’t have similar advantages.

Example of advantages that compound and are agnostics of domains:

Loyal fans
Networks (relationship) and more

The beauty of all that is that when we all bring in our individuality into those advantages, they become magical.

What advantages are you optimizing for?