You Are Your Enemy

Our natural conditioning subjects us to a lifestyle where what’s most convenient for us to do are things we don’t want to do.

One of the very important lessons I learnt from Cognitive Science is that “I am my enemy and you are your enemy as well”

An enemy is someone who opposes you, harms you or weakens you

It’s really interesting to learn that’s exactly what we do to ourselves. Let’s consider a few example.

I know doing “this and that” will take me to the next income level that I desire but I don’t do what’s necessary. Am I not harming myself myself that way?

I know that changing “that thing” will stop the friction in my relationship but I won’t change still. Am I not in fierce opposition against myself?

I know that 10 minutes of daily meditation will give me good mental health but still I won’t do it. What can we call that sort of opposition where doing what’s best for me is not what I do?

I know sleeping for 8 hours a day will improve my health and help me live longer but I take pride in posting on social media that I’ve only slept 4 hours in the past week.

Am I not my enemy?

I know that not spending that money but investing it will help me build wealth habit but I still spent it.

I know that the stock will most likely do good given time but I will still sell it at a loss.

Definitely, I am my enemy and you are your enemy.

A very good question will be what then can we do salvage the situation? Look out for what I will be sharing tomorrow where I will try and find a solution to our natural conditioning and optimize against the condition that positions us as our own enemies.