17 Radical Ideas To Get You Thinking

I sat down reflecting on a lot of ideas that I’ve seen successful people adopt and that I’ve adopted in my own life.

I came up with this 17 radical ideas. Some of it may hurt you, some may look obvious, some may look unbelievable and others may look impossible. But together, they are ideas that have turn unknown men to wildly celebrated men, raise people from dungeons to Palaces and allow mean men to sit before kings.

Enjoy it.

IDEA 1. Getting a job is mostly a marketing problem. In retrospect, I realized this.

If you see it indeed as a marketing problem, you will have less trouble finding someone (or a company) ready to pay you for your services.

IDEA 2. Everyone is a marketer and we should all seek to become better at that craft.

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IDEA 3. Have agency.

Have an almost too much self belief.

Be hopeful.

IDEA 4. If your default settings is to always look for a reason not to attempt new and unfamiliar things, I’m sorry to tell you a bitter truth:

It will be hard succeeding in life.

IDEA 5. Here’s another thing I’ve come to accept as well

Those who always seek ease above “what needs to be done” rarely get by in life.

There’s a reward in doing what all others avoided because it’s hard.

Ease is no place for champions.

IDEA 6. Starting is all that matters at many things in life. The next thing after that is continuous improvement of what you started.

Then magic will happen on the way.

IDEA 7.. The end is not always known.

The end is not always what we imagined it to be.

The end comes when we choose it to be the end many times.

That’s why the journey must be enjoyed and what the end may look like must not stop us from the journey.

IDEA 8. Don’t be a donkey.

The tale was that of a hungry and thirsty donkey placed between a plate of food and a bucket of water but died of thirst and hunger because it couldn’t decide which to go with first.

The donkey could have gone for anyone first and the other later. It had all the time.

You have the time. Don’t be a donkey.

IDEA 9. We tell ourselves way too much lie.

Strategy isn’t what you said you will do. Strategy is what you did, are doing and will do.

That’s it. All your “I wills” amount to noting.

I did and I am doing is all we care about.

IDEA 10. You won’t be handed anything of value on a platter of gold. You’ve got to work for it. Everyone in recorded and known history worked for it.

Trust me you are no special.

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Do the damn work.

IDEA 11. There are gatekeepers everywhere. They will reduce to open the door for you but you must fight fearlessly.

One thing is that when it come down to it, we all have a leverage. Find yours and use it.

IDEA 12. I think free will is an illusion. But a necessary illusion. We must always think we are in control. We must always think in terms of cause and effect.

Randomness determines a lot of it, but we must hold on to anecdotal explanations of cause and effect.

IDEA 13. Help yourself

When you do, the universe rises to help you. It’s a law of nature, it can’t be confounded.

But if you do nothing to help yourself, we will all walk by you.

IDEA 14. Succeed at one thing and the universe will reward you with many more successes with little work.

The first success is all you owe the universe. Other successes will follow suit.

IDEA 15. Never have a goal not be wrong

Never have a goal not to fail

Never have goal of getting it right at first attempt

Have a simple goal to start and be consistent.

IDEA 16. Our mind is bad at understanding many things. We confuse correlation with causation at all times.

Rejection is not an indication that you are not enough. Sometimes it can be a misjudgment from the assessor.

Getting a job at PwC taught me this. I was rejected by firms that weigh less than PwC.

IDEA 17. Sometimes, deliberately put yourself in an uncomfortable condition. You won’t die. You will only learn about:

Your weaknesses

Your strengths

Your limitations

What challenges you

What makes you happy

What doesn’t move you

Basically, you learn about you.