Short Thoughts

Job Satisfaction: 3 Things To Optimise For

There are three things to optimize for in any job that would bring you the most satisfaction.

One observation I have is that not a lot of people have genuinely given thought to the question, “What do you truly desire from a job?” And no, it’s not just the monetary compensation. You typically require more than that to have satisfaction in your job. So what are the three things that I’ve identified as essential?

  1. Recognition,
  2. Respect, and
  3. Responsibility. I call them the three Rs.

You want a job that recognizes you for your hard work. You want the respect of your colleagues and managers, which is earned through various means. And lastly, you want a job that expands your responsibilities all the time to ensure your growth and that you are appropriately challenged.

Often, when all of these are present, you experience the most fulfillment in your job, even if you aren’t all that satisfied with your pay. And because all of that is there, you often have the option of negotiating your pay. But that’s beside the point.

My challenge to you this week and for the next 6 months is to figure out how you can find the 3 Rs in your current job and hence have a better sense of fulfilment.